Finding Freedom - Personal Becoming Workshop

Finding Freedom - Personal Becoming Workshop

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So you realised that you are living in "The Matrix?"...

Do you feel trapped?

Like after the past two years your mind has been fucked from multiple angles?...

Do you also believe that you are the creator of your reality and your experience of life?...


"Finding Freedom" is Parys X's Premiere experience designed to help you to reach your unique actualized self! Helping you to get clear, find your inner truth and to take back control of your life!

So here's the truth... 


You are a unique being, you are a part of a divine consciousness that wishes to express itself in every potentiality. In you exists everything in the universe and more....... FINDING FREEDOM!


...Self actualization...

...Personal becoming.

Who are you when nobody is around?

When the voices of social media influencers, mass media corporations, schoolteachers, parents, your family, society and the world at large isn't trying to push you in a certain direction or manipulate your mind for their agenda?

What is the point of this experience that we call life?

The Unravelling...

See the thing is,



It's a Matrix of constructs, ideas and belief systems that literally shape your reality. What you think about becomes your reality, What you write becomes reality, every single intention and direction you take in life creates your 4th dimensional time-space reality and experience. And your belief system coupled with an understanding of universal laws is the fundamental that gives you the opportunity to create whatever you desire.

The understanding that you are consciousness and you are also a unique expression of consciousness, In both a metaphorical and literal sense... is a profounnd realization to have. It means you are the one creating YOUR EXPERIENCE OF LIFE. Because contained within your belief system and experience, IS YOUR UNIQUE EXPRESSION OF CONSCIOUSNESS... as created by unified Mind.

Self actualization.

During the "FINDING FREEDOM" experience you will learn:

  • How to find your compass in times of major uncertainty.
  • How to create resilience and strength in yourself, free of what is happening in your external circumstances.
  • How to find truth in a world filled with lies and distortions.
  • The fundamental keys to the universe, manifestation and your very own personal freedom!
  • How to become the actualization of your very own unique expression.
  • How to relieve yourself of your fear of death and connect to a greater consciousness beyond the human body.
  • How to stop the consistent stories in your head about all the things that "could" happen and step away from a place of fear and into a mindset of growth, acceptance and love.
  • How to branch out and find and refine all of the elements of your potentiality and then allow them to meet back at the centre, creating a dynamic and unique expression of self.
  • Letting go of the old narratives you have about who you have been, what you have done and embracing the knowing that you created it all.
  • How to create a new identity in order to manifest a life beyond your circumstances.
  • How to reclaim your humanity, take control of your mind, manifest your dreams and change your way of "being" and experience of life.

Changing your life and manifesting your dreams is a possible! There are times that can be hard and there is nothing more difficult and dis-empowering than trying over and over again to move forward in our lives only to keep falling back into negative behaviours. But you CAN DO IT!

I know.

Because I have been there.

Growing up I became addicted to drugs in my early teens and by the time I was 18, I was a full blown heroin and methamphetamine addict. 

But in my early twenties after being sentenced to nearly 3 years in prison I began making personal changes that ultimately led me to changing EVERY AREA OF MY LIFE and actualizing both myself and my dreams!

The true key is to SEEK WHAT CAN NOT BE TAKEN AWAY... your inner freedom.

In this 3 hour experience Parys X will share the ideas, principles and concepts that have guided his own personal becoming journey. These are principles that he has applied in every area of his life and continues to apply to live in a place of abundance and a state of acceptance, gratitude, joy and curiosity, allowing for the unfolding of his unique expression.


this is NOT a passive experience, you will be involved in various solo and group exercises, including music, sound healing, art and other modalities that will help you to get a greater and deeper understanding of self, including an array of tools and creative processes for ALIGNING WITH YOUR INNER BEING!!!

Everybody is welcome, however, a large part of this experience involves high level concepts from religious teachings, human psychology, spiritual teachings, metaphysical understandings, marketing, human biology and some physics fundamentals. There is also sexually related content and some adult themes that some may deem as inappropriate, the workshop also touches on subjects that many may deem as politically incorrect and require an open objective mind to digest. For those reasons serious considerations should be taken as to whether or not it is appropriate for yourself or your loved ones.

It doesn't matter your culture, your gender, how you express yourself, how old you are, or what your current life situation is, these are core principles that stand the test of time and can be applied in a multitude of ways to create massive positive personal change and find your personal freedom!!! And you and your brilliant unique self are welcome :)

I believe so much in the power of this experience that "Finding Freedom" comes with a 100% money back guarantee. This means that at the end of the experience, if you are not 100% happy with the content and do not feel as though it was of value, you will receive your money back, in full, NO QUESTIONS ASKED! 

With your ticket to the experience you will also get FULL ACCESS to the Finding Freedom digital e-course and all of it's associated resources when the course officially launches on the 6th of September 2021.

Upon purchase you will receive a confirmation email.

In the week leading up to the e-course launch date you will receive reminders, including 3 emails that will have your access information, login details, allocated resources and times that all course content will go LIVE!!! 

Lifetime access: You get unlimited lifetime access to the Finding Freedom e-course and all of it's resources upon release on the 6th of September 2022. 

If you are a CONCESSION CARD HOLDER or aren't in a financial position to pay full value for the entirety of the event, use code "CONCESSION30" at checkout to receive a 30% discount! :)


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